The Waterford prides itself in delivering new and innovative amenities to our residents.  In Barrie, the newly expanded community now features amenities and services that will remain unparalleled for the years to come.

Please take a moment to browse our exclusive features below.

The Lord Simcoe Lounge

Featuring a stone fireplace set into a 20-foot panoramic window-wall looking onto a beautifully landscaped patio and garden featuring a pond and waterfall.

The Bistro

Overlooking the grand lounge - a great place to meet and chat while enjoying refreshments any time of the day or evening.

The Georgian + Bluewater Dining Rooms

Enjoy chef-prepared meals on a daily basis in these beautifully appointed dining room. The tastefully decorated

Mountain Fitness & Physio Centre

Participate in daily exercise programs or follow your own routine with various strength and conditioning equipment.

The Heritage Chapel

Hand crafted stained-glass with artisan pews make this space a truly special place for spiritual reflection and prayer service.

The Springwater Social Lounge

A regular meeting place to gather with friends and family to enjoy good company, entertainment, and activities. Conveniently located in the center of the "Main Street" entertainment zone, expect regular use from this popular destination.

The Grandview Lounge & Coffee Bar

Located off of the West entrance Lobby, specialty coffees and teas are available at your convenience for you and your guests.

The Cranberry Craft Studio & Kitchen

A fully equipped country style kitchen for baking with friends or cooking demonstrations. Combined with our busy craft room, this space will see regular use and many new friendships begin.

Serenades Spa & Salon

The Waterford's one stop shop for manicures , pedicures, and all your hair dressing needs.

The Northwoods HD Cinema + Live Arts Theatre

The razor sharp picture quality and ultra crisp sound in this technologically advanced cinema will impress even the most discerning guests. An elevated stage provides a means for live plays, presentations and even our own Theatre Club's rehearsals.

HD Golf Simulotor

Chose from dozens of world famous championship courses and play at your own pace. Combining high-resolution imagery with satellite data, the result is a high-definition 3-dimensional realistic reproduction that is so crystal clear and faithfully reproduced, you'll swear you are standing on the actual golf course.

More Notable Features

· Laundry Facilities
· Cablevision Packages (Included)
· Internet Computer Stations
· Complimentary WiFi in Public Area
· Outdoor Water Gardens & Paths
· Concrete Construction
· Full Fire Protection
· Backup Power & Emergency Lighting
· CCTV Security Video Surveillance
· Porte Cocheres - Covered Drop-off & Pickup
· Advanced Emergency Response