The Waterford Annual Alzheimer Society Coffee Break Fundraiser!

On Saturday Oct. 7th, we kicked off our Annual Alzheimer Society Coffee Break Campaign.  We held our event at 2:30 pm in the Saint Lawrence Lounge with Music by “The Trott Brothers”, coffee and treats, our annual gift basket draw and of course our silent auction and a brand new addition to the day was our ” New To You Jewelry Boutique”.   Every year our Silent Auction items feature some hand maid or crafted items by staff and residents. This year Beatrice Groves, donated a wonderful work of art to the cause and the highest bid on that piece was $110!!  We also had a very unique piece in our collection, the Windsong ladies were given a lovely table to give a makeover to and they truly succeeded and this hand painted accent table raised $115. Thank you to the Zlepnig family for their very generous donation of $1000 in support of this fundraising venture.  There are still some donations coming in but currently our total is $2200.00.  This amount may qualify us for the Annual Coffee Break Trophy – which is awarded to the  community with the largest amount of donations. Thank you to all for your support of this cause very close to our hearts — thank you for making your coffee count!


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Harvest Social and Grandparents Day!

What a wonderful way to celebrate Grandparents day — with a lovely Harvest Social! The fabulous Chuck D’Aoust came and entertained us, we had wonderful harvest delights, pumpkin and apple pie with ice cream and some other delicious treats! It was so nice to see some family come and join us for the festivities as well!   Staff got into the spirit and wore “country style” clothes to commemorate the day!


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Motor Maids at the Waterford!

At The end of September, we welcomed our friends “The Motor Maids” back again for a visit and a ride. Residents who were brave enough to ride that day, were able to sign up and enjoy a short trip around the neighbourhood on a motorcycle of their choice!  This was the third year for the Motor Maids to join us for this wonderful tradition. We had fifteen riders and plenty of spectators! Pictures are worth a thousand words but truly it was a magical day that the pictures are not able to do justice!  Thank you to Mike du Luht and the Motor maids for a wonderful  day!  Residents are already asking about next years ride!

Summer Visit to Picton!

What an amazing day we had in August!  A very full bus made it’s way towards Prince Edward County as we had two destinations in mind!  The first of course was lunch at The Waring House Inn.  After that we loaded the bus again and headed for a lovely visit at The Wapous Winery and Estates.  The weather could not have been better and the company — just perfect!


August was “Just Peachy”

Our August tradition of having fun and eating peached was Terrific!  We enjoyed some lovely music and Mari’s famous Flambéed Peaches with vanilla ice -cream!




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All Aboard!

Nothing Says Summer like a trip to our favourite shop, The Limestone Creamery.  Locally owned and operated, the Creamery is truly a place for purchasing delicious treats!  We usually take at least two to three trips their per summer season.  The ice cream is truly delicious and all of the fresh organic delicacy’s available are also worth the drive up Sydenham road!


James Keirstead Tour and Picnic

In July we went for our annual picnic lunch and visit at the lovely Keirstead Estate. Jim and Robere are the most welcoming hosts and they enjoy sharing their beautiful home and gardens with us each year. This year marked the 5th visit to their home and gallery!  Thanks again for a lovely day and for a tour of your magnificent artwork!  We are already looking forward to next years tour!



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Annual Rubber Ducky Race!

This year again in July, we held our annual Waterford Rubber Duck Race!  This is a wonderful afternoon of fun. Residents, Staff and Family members can purchase a duck for $5.  The ducks are all gathered and then dropped into our ponds!  This year we had a strong wind and it kept on blowing the ducks backward, our fearless Program coordinator had to jump in the ponds to stir the waters so that the ducks would move along to the Finish line. The first place prize was $210 for our winner, John Simonyi.  The remaining $210 was donated to the charity of his choice The Heart and Stroke Foundation.  We also had second and third place prizes!  What a fun tradition and a way to give back to the community!  Thank You everyone who purchased tickets!


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