H & T Old Country Music!

Come on down for the entertainment! Music is a huge part of our programming at the Waterford in Ottawa, and tonight, we had a country music hoe down! Here is a taste of some of the excitement:

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Bus Excursion to Andrew Hayden Park!

What a beautiful Summer we have been enjoying! Better late then never I always say! Today we took a trip to Andrew Hayden Park and boy what a lovely sight to see! Here are a few photos from our trip.

The Unveiling of the Lost Stories Artwork – Southway Inn

September 7th was the Inauguration date for Couzyn van Heuvelen’s commemorative artwork presented to the Zlepnig family. The Waterford Retirement Residence in Ottawa was formerly known as the Southway Inn. Many locals remember the Christmas lights on the trees in front of the building, or the giant toy train driving around the entrance of the hotel. But for people from the North, it was a way point for those on a great journey. Many communities in northern Canada, like on Baffin Island or in Nunavut, only have the option to fly into Ottawa or Montreal to do their shopping, groceries, attend medical appointments, purchase clothes, pick up prescriptions, etc. Many of the people arriving into Ottawa stayed at the Southway Inn. Over time, a very positive relationship was created between the Zlepnig family’s Southway Inn and the people of the north. This was due to the constant excellent warm hearted customer service. Many people’s first experience in a city was at the Southway Inn. Elder’s from the community speek highly of this former hotel, how it was their “Home away from home” and were very sad to see it leave. Now, our residents get to enjoy this beautiful place, with such a rich history. It truly is – our home, and we cherish this community.

If you would like more information on the story behind the artwork, please visit:

The Lost Stories

CBC News – Public Art Documentary

Community News – Art Commemorates…

Waterford knows how to have a good time!

Whether we’re gathering around a nice cup of coffee or a cool glass of wine, here at Waterford, we know how to have a good time!  Here are some pictures of us getting together for music, entertainment and our Western Party Day!  We have a broad range of musicians playing all sorts of music: classical violin, country music, popular classics, the guitar and accordion are a but a few of the many different music styles coming through our doors.

Roxy Swan will be coming in with her flute and guitar accompanist during the ORCA Open House on Sunday, Sept. 24th from 1-4pm.  Please come in and get to know us!


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