It’s patio season!

The rain has finally tapered off in the Nation’s Capital and our residents can finally enjoy their brand new courtyard patio for dining amongst the fresh air and sounds of nature.  Long live summer! 🙂

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Honorary Visit From Councillor Diane Deans

The Zlepnig family has been a supporter of the south end of Ottawa’s Councillor, Diane Deans, and it was an absolute honor to have her by for a tour of the new Waterford Ottawa this spring.  The Waterford is proud to sponsor Councillor Deans’ annual Fifty-Five Plus Afternoon Tea on Friday, June 9th, 2017. Every year, the month of June is dedicated to celebrating the lives and contributions of senior citizens within our community. These valuable individuals comprise over 20 per cent of Ottawa’s total population.

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Windsong Memory Care – A Peek Inside

March 1st was our official opening at The Waterford Ottawa but we still have many things to do.  Owners Karen and Allie spent the morning running around picking up all the necessities that make the Windsong Home Kitchen truly a “home kitchen”.

In the Windsong 4-season Courtyard, all of the beautiful tropical plants arrived and have been put into place.  It was a long journey up from Florida for them so they have been drinking lots and lots of water.

We’re having a heat wave…

…a tropical heat wave; and officially, it will forever be here inside the Waterford Ottawa’s 3-storey Atrium!  Today we planted over one hundred tropical plants in the middle of winter.  It’s a beautiful 24 degrees in there and the humidity is just right.  You have to come check this out!

It’s a great weekend to be inside…

…and so we shall stay inside and continue setting up for our official opening on Wednesday, March 1st!  It may be cold and wet outside, but as we place furniture, hang pictures, the atmosphere inside the Waterford is absolutely magical.

A few ongoing touch ups to still happen after we open, but we are finally here!

On Tuesday February 28th, all of our tropical plants that have been reserved for us in Florida will be delivered from the northern greenhouse where they have been acclimatizing for the past 45 days and planted in our magnificent 3 storey Atrium.  We are so excited!  Check back for pictures; or better yet, book a tour with Sue and come check it out for yourself.



Final Touches in Windsong Memory Care

6 days till open!  The sun has gone down but the pictures are still going up and the décor continues. Our little helper, Holly the miniature daschund, finds everything just perfect and gives her approval. 🙂





Family Day at Waterford Ottawa

It’s family day, and we are spending it together here at the Waterford Ottawa decorating all of the newly finished amenity areas including the Shallows Dining Room and our stunning Piano Lounge. We open March 1st and can’t wait to show you the amazing transformation of the Southway Hotel into a seniors lifestyle residence. See you soon!


Model Suites are Open for Viewing

Dear Friends,

It’s a been a long year for all of us preparing for the opening of our Waterford home in Ottawa, formerly known to many of you as the Southway Hotel…But, we are just about there!

Even in the midst of our conversion, many of you have already been to meet with Jo-Anne for your personal tour and have placed your deposits on your suites. We want to thank all of you troopers for gearing up with hard hats and steel-toe boots to get the very first look at our renovations.

By the way, our Waterford home in Ottawa is still owned and operated by my family…the Zlepnig Family with 3rdand 4th generations on hand. This includes Fred, Karen, Steve and myself, Adam; and yes, even Bill and Louisa, my grandparents are still here. We are all most proud and honoured to offer all seniors a new level of hospitality in the Nation’s Capital.

We still have some pictures to hang, but I could not wait to share with you our first few model suites….More to follow!

Yours truly,

Adam Zlepnig



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Indoor Courtyard Peek

As we approach our grand opening this fall, many of the areas of the Waterford Ottawa are going through their last few stages of completion.  This short video shows the 4-season courtyard being prepped for landscaping and building finishes.  Another few weeks and it will be little piece of paradise.  Stay tuned!


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