The Waterford prides itself in delivering new and innovative amenities to our residents.  In Barrie, the newly expanded community now features amenities and services that will remain unparalleled for the years to come.

Please take a moment to browse our exclusive features below.

The Seasons Atrium

The Shallows Dining Room

Café Chardonnay

The Boardwalk Pub

The Beach Fitness Centre and Pool

The Pacifica Cinema & Theatre

Turnberry Isle Craft Rm & Kitchen

Tuck Shop



More Notable Features

· Laundry Facilities
· Cablevision Packages (Included)
· Internet Computer Stations
· Complimentary WiFi in Public Area
· Outdoor Water Gardens & Paths
· Concrete Construction
· Full Fire Protection
· Backup Power & Emergency Lighting
· CCTV Security Video Surveillance
· Porte Cocheres - Covered Drop-off & Pickup
· Advanced Emergency Response